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Litter Odor Eliminator and Cleaner for Cats

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CLEAN+GREEN® litter box cleaner and odor remover is a natural, green cleaning solution for the removal of cat urine odor and stains from feces, vomit, urine and hairballs in and around the litter box. Made from environmentally friendly, natural cleaning ingredients and packaged to recycle the container, you now have an eco friendly and totally effective cat urine stain and cat urine odor remover that is as safe for your pets’ health as it is for the environment. It works on cat urine odor removal as well as feces odor removal, hairballs and other litter box deposits. Features: -Odor and stain remover. -Cleans and removes odor. -Works on contact. -Fragrance free. -Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. -Non-flammable. -Recyclable packaging. -

Cane Sugar Derivatives, Proprietary Botanical Extracts and Hydrated Cellulose (Cleaning Agents), Purified Water, and Nitrogen Propellant (Non-Flammable and Eco Friendly).