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Cagey Cube Dog Toy

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Kyjen offers a wide variety of traditional and not-so-traditional treat
hiding plastic puzzles. Some have spinners or sliders; others have
hidden chambers that require multiple steps to solve. Puzzle
difficulty varies, and some puzzles are adjustable by turning a
resistance knob, ensuring that challenges can be tailored
to suit dogs of any size, IQ, or disposition. Each puzzle
game requires a different strategy to solve, offering
several modes of stimulation. Playing multiple games
on a regular basis is highly recommended. It’s circuit
training for the canine mind – dogs benefit, you profit!

Dogs who love tennis balls will not be able to resist this toy! Encourage your dog to figure out the right configuration to retrieve the tennis ball from inside the Cagey Cube. Our unique rubber design can handle tossing, squishing, bouncing and moderate rough play. After your dog recovers the ball, be sure to praise him. Put the ball back in the toy for more play! For additional fun, insert a variety of toys or balls.