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Wacky Steak Durable Dog Toy

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We have created a dog toy for both dog and man alike. Look at our beautiful piece of Steak PrideBite dog toy. This steak tastes great inside and outside.

It will squeak when it’s on the grill, and it will float if it falls in the pool. Squeakers sewn into pouches connected to the toy for saftey

It’s a perfectly uncooked toy. When you need to clean up the meat just throw it in with the laundry, this toy is machine washable.

• Squeaks
• Floats
• Versatile - Indoor, outdoor
• Interactive
• Made of Durabite Fleece
• 55 lb pull pressure
• Soft foam stuffing
• Vet approved
• Safe

Intended Uses:
• Tug of war
• Fetch
• Playing in water
• Multiple dog playtime
• Training tool
• Indoor or outdoor fun