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Peanut Butter Flavor Dog Chew

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Spinz Edible Interactive Chew Toy is a 100% edible dog chew and toy all rolled up into one! Spinz combines a spinning motion to engage your dog's natural instincts and while providing a healthy nutritional chew to satisfy your dog's chewing instinct. The Spinz bone stimulates and challenges the cognitive function of the dog keeping their mind stimulated and occupied.

Product Features:
* Designed with textures on each bone "knuckle" to help clean teeth during the chewing process, Spinz also freshens breath with its natural parsley additive.
* Satisfies a dog's natural instincts Curbs unwanted behaviors by challenging and engaging your dog mind and keeping them occupied.
* Designed with "textured" knuckles to help keep teeth and gums clean. Freshens breathe with natural parsley additive.
* Gluten Free. Low in calories. Perfect training aid item.

Size Specifications:
Small- For dogs up to 15 lbs
Medium- For dogs 15 lbs to 40 lbs Large: For dogs over 40 lbs.