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Open farm homestead turkey and chicken recipe

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Turkey & Chicken Recipe

Delivered fresh from our partner family farms, lovingly made with ethically raised and family-farmed meat, local veggies, and nutritious essential oils.

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Open farm catch of the season whitefish and green lentil recipe

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Whitefish & Green Lentil Recipe

Using certified sustainable fishing practices, our fresh from the ocean catch-of-the-season style recipe is served with fresh vegetables and nutritious oils.

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Open farm farmers table pork and root vegetable recipe

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Farmer's Table

Pork & Root Vegetable Recipe

Delicious, ethically raised and family-farmed Canadian pork is served with hearty root vegetables, ocean caught seasonal fish, and natural essential oils.

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Humane and Ethical Farming

Farm Animal Welfare Above All Else

We only work with farmers and ranchers who prioritize the welfare of their animals above all else. Every animal is raised in sanitary and comfortable conditions where it is able to live natural, happy, and healthy lives.

Humane Care From Birth to Slaughter

All our partner farmers and ranchers are inspected by third party auditors to ensure strict standards for the ethical and humane treatment of farm animals.

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Sustainable Fishing

Open farm sustainable fishing Open farm sustainable fishing

We Support the Welfare of our Marine Environment

We partner with the leading US and Canadian seafood sustainability organizations, Seafood Watch and Ocean Wise, to ensure that our ocean caught fish is sourced using the most up-to-date sustainability standards.

Our Ocean Sustainability Partners:

Open farm partners with Vancouver Aquarium for sustainability

Open Farm partners with Seafood Watch for sustainability

Our ocean caught fish live in natural habitats and and consume a diet free of antibiotics and artificial feed.

The types of fish we catch are selected based on sustainable fish population count to prevent species depletion.

We support fishing that protects vulnerable species from being accidentally caught and killed in nets.

You can trace every seasonal and sustainably caught fish in our Catch-of-the-Season Whitefish recipe from info on the back of each bag.

Food You Can Trust

Instantly trace the origin of every ingredient in your bag of Open Farm food.

Simply locate the lot code on the back of your bag, enter it on and you will be able to see where every ingredient in your bag originated.

Homestead turkey sample and chicken recipe details

Open farm transparency standards

Our Partners

Open farm partners with Certified Humane
Open farm partners with Vancouver Aquarium
Open farm partners with Seafood Watch
Open Farm partners with Terracycle

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