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Sea "Mobility" Mighty Minis Chicken Dog Treats

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Incredible taste with a healthful purpose! This is the easiest way deliver glucosamine to your dogs. They LOVE the flavor!! These “treats” contain ingredients that can increase your dog’s flexibility, mobility, range of motion, and joint comfort. Great training tool. Professional trainers love the ease of use and healthy ingredients in Sea “Mobility”® Mighty Minis.

All natural and made in the USA!

Active Ingredients:
* Glucosamine (99.9% pure) (shellfish)
* Chondrotin (99.9% pure) (shellfish)
* Sea cucumber (farm raised)
* MSM (99.9% pure)

Inactive Ingredients:
* Chicken
* Cultured whey
* Evening primrose oil (omega-6)
* Fish oil (omega-3)
* Gelatin
* Glycerin
* Maple syrup
* Mixed tocopherols
* Natural smoke flavor
* Rice flour
* Salt
* Tapioca starch