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Complete Natural Nutrition Real Food Toppers Beef Dog Treats

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Real Food Toppers Beef Liver: Real Food Toppers sources its liver from US human grade facilities that are inspected and approved by the USDA. Because it is an exceptionally nutrient-dense food full of vitamins, riboflavin, zinc, protein, niacin, iron and phosphorus, Mother Nature designed pets to thrive on liver. Now you can be confident that with Pure Beef Liver, you're feeding the highest quality liver treat in the world.

Just One Ingredient
US Sourced Ingredients
US Made
Feed as a Treat
Feed as a Gourmet Topper on Food
Feed Dry or Re-Constituted
No Sugar
No Artificial Ingredients
No Added Salt
No Junk Calories
No Refrigeration
Freeze Dried Raw
2 Year Shelf Life
Foil-Lined Bag for Extra Freshness
Whole Dog Journal - Editor's Choice

100% Pure Beef Liver