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Ear Mite Remedy for Cats

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Four Paws Ear Mite Remedy for Cats kills ear mites and aids in ear wax removal for cats. It is an organic formula that does not contain pesticides. Four Paws Ear Mite Remedy for Cats contains Aloe Vera, which provides a gentle, cool balm.

Ear mites normally cause a dry, dark brown, waxy, exudate in the ears of cats. The mites are easily observed by placing some of the ear exudate on a dark surface and watching carefully for white specks walking away.

To Kill Ear Mites and Aid in the Removal of Ear Wax: Apply 5 drops of solution in ear and gently massage base of ear for 3-5 minutes. Leave solution in ear for another few minutes and the allow cat to shake its head to remove as much solution as possible. Wipe the remainder of the liquid from the ear with cotton. Repeat treatment every other day until condition is relieved. Improvement is usually noted after two applications. This solution applied twice monthly will reduce the possibility of ear mite infestation and the accumulation of ear wax.

**** Do not use on cats under 12 weeks of age. ****

All Ingredients

Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide, Inert Ingredients

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