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Short Hair deShedding Edge For Dogs

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Dogs up to 10 lbs
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  • Dogs up to 10 lbs


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There’s only one thing better than your favorite furball curling up close for a snuggle session: not having to vacuum after. Pups and shedding may be a package deal, but with the FURminator Short Hair deShedding Edge For Dogs, dealing with tumbleweeds of hair blowing across the kitchen floor and dog hair on your clothes is a problem no more!

Why We Love It:

• Gently removes undercoat and loose hair
• Won’t harm topcoat
• Guaranteed to reduce shedding
• Used by professional groomers


Toy: 1.25 inches, for short hair dogs up to 10 lbs
Small 1.75 inches, for short hair dogs up to 20 lbs
Medium: 2.65 inches, for short hair dogs 21-50 lbs
Large: 4 inches, for short hair dogs 51-90 lbs
Giant: 5 inches, for short hair dogs over 90 lbs

For short hair dogs 21-50 lbs 2.65" edge designed for coats shorter than 2"

Customer Reviews

live it!


This is our second furminator. Well worth the money. Does a great job!

Salem, IN

Very efficient


Very happy with this purchase. I was shocked when I saw all the hair that came off my 20lb short haired rat terrier. It had to be a clump of hair rivaling the size of a softball. Never would I have expected to see that much hair come off so easily. My wife and I use the tool once a week to cut down on his shedding and it was by far the best thing we ever got to help with it!

Huntsville, AL, USA

Best comb ever!


I have had this comb for a year now and it is a godsend! At first i thought wow thats a lot of money for a comb but it is worth very single cent! I use it on my kelpie who has a wiry longer outer coat and a thicker undercoat and i cannot believe the hair it gets out of her. Just brilliant :-)



Everyone with a dog needs this!


I bought a furminator for my yellow lab who shed ALOT. That lasted >9yrs. I've had my 2nd furminator for about 5 years now and use it regularly on my German Shepard. It is fantastic at removing the hair. I'm not thrilled with the release button as I don't find that it removes the hair from the blade. That's a minor inconvenience for the benefit though. I'm not typically a person who writes reviews but I feel as if I must. Yesterday, I spent about an hour brushing my dog and removed a TON of shed hair. He looks wonderful and absolutely LOVES the attention and gets excited when he sees the yellow tool. I've tried every brush and shedding tool under the sun (even my horses) and nothing can compare to the results from the furminator.

Northeastern PA


Worked great on my Sheltie and Rottie!


Love the furminator tools. Would highly recommend!



Great product!!


I have had my dog's Furminator for around 8 years. I think it is the best tool for getting deep to the skin on my dog and getting rid of loose hair dirt ect. My dog is in seventh heaven when I use thebfurminator. I have duel uses. 1 Iuse itbefore

Oakland, Ca.


Amazing product - works wonders on two Huskies!


We have two male Huskies - double coat, shed a huge amount during Summer, as demonstrated by the tumble weeds that usually occupy our floor! This brush works WONDERS! It manages to grab loose fur from deep within the undercoat that is typically very hard to reach. It does so in a gentle fashion and does not cause any discomfort to our boys. You can actually see and feel the lumps of fur where you haven't yet brushed, in comparison to the smooth brushed sections. I could not recommend this product enough. It is durable, has not faulted in the slightest, and does an amazing job on our double coated, fluffy boys!

Victoria, Australia


I love it!


I brought this tool 2 weeks ago and I'm in love! I have a 10 month old boxer who sheds a lot. I used the deshedding shampoo and this tool and I collected so much fur from my baby! He wasn't even bothered by me raking his fur!

New Orleans, LA, United States


Worth every penny!!!


I purchased this product about a month or two ago, desperate to find something that would actually help with the amount of dog hair my beagle sheds. I was kinda leary about it not working and spending that much money on it. I have been using it about 4-5 days a week and holy cow the amount of hair that I remove with each time is absolutely insane. I can't figure out how she isn't hairless.

La Porte, TX, United States

Was great until it broke


Was a great product, though I thought it was expensive at the time of purchase. Worked well, but then it broke at the handle. Too expensive for the quality.




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