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deShedding Edge For Small Cats

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Small Long Hair Cats
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  • Small Long Hair Cats


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deShedding Tools for Cats feature patented deShedding edges designed to reach deep beneath the topcoat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair. Used and recommended by professional groomers and veterinarians, FURminator® deShedding Tools for Cats reduce shedding up to 90% and prevent dangerous hairballs from developing.

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Most Liked Positive Review


Reducing Shedding Incredibly!

I have two indoor cats and both have medium/long hair. My first cat, Heyzeus, I have never had to brush. He maintains his long coat beautifully on his own and his shedding...Read complete review

I have two indoor cats and both have medium/long hair. My first cat, Heyzeus, I have never had to brush. He maintains his long coat beautifully on his own and his shedding is quite minimal. A twice a month bath usually kept shedding to almost nonexistant.

Then came Little Fella... he is adorable but sheds like mad. I am HIGHLY allergic to cats so he was becoming quite the problem child. No matter what new and fancy brushes I bought nothing was working. There were fur balls everywhere, fur all over my clothing, my bedding, and in the air - despite vacuuming. Every time I would brush him I would only get a wee bit of fur out. It was disheartening and I was not sure what to do.

I had seen a few friends who had Furminators and they RAVED about them. I finally decided to buy one and it is one of the bets cat related decisions I have ever made! Upon the first grooming I was able to get a full plastic grocery bag of hair off of Little Fella and I could tell he immediately felt better. I groomed him every day for a week straight, and now only groom him once to twice a week. The difference is massive. No more cat hair all over the place! No more cat hair on my clothes and furniture! No more fur balls! No more cat hair in the air and in my lungs! I have been able to go down to vacuuming once a week. It is wonderful! Little Fella definitely feels better and he no longer gets any matts. The Furminator was able to successfully remove his old undercoat and it has made all of the difference.

One thing I think I should mention - Little Fella used to love being groomed by those brushes that only groomed the top coat. He thought those were swell. When I first started grooming him with the Furminator he HATED it. It pulled at his undercoat and he didn't like that, despite it being necessary. I took my time and was courteous of the fact that it was uncomfortable and I went slowly. Now that most of that thick, dead undercoat is gone he LOVES the Furminator and will roll over to let me groom his tummy as well. So, if at first your kitty doesn't like it, don't give up! Make it as good of an experience as possible for your cat and keep at it. It is so worth it in the end.

Thank you Furminator! Me, Heyzeus, and Little Fella thank you!


Most Liked Negative Review


one use damaged cat's coat

I purchased this product after reading the great reviews. I bought one for my long haired cat and one for my short haired cat. I used it on my long haired cat first and...Read complete review

I purchased this product after reading the great reviews. I bought one for my long haired cat and one for my short haired cat. I used it on my long haired cat first and brushed him for about 10 minutes all over his body. He really enjoyed the brushing and purred as I was doing it. A LOT of fur came out. I discontinued the brushing after I noticed I had given him a bald spot on his back! I thought that this brush only removed loose hairs like the other brush I had always used on him. This can't possibly be so if brushing gives the cat bald spots. It must rip the hair at the root, but leaving the root in. After looking online, I found many more reviews of these brushes making cats bald. My cat has not been shedding very much since he was brushed, but I will not be using it again for fear of damaging my cats' coats.

Reviewed by 51 customers

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Purrfect Fur CaTs


from Ferndale, WA, United States

I have 8 Cats (long & short hair), from 2-15 yrs old. So I've tried a lot of pet brushes and combs. But until I purchased the Furminator 5 yrs ago they were all a waste of time and $. It's amazing how well it works. When friends see me using it, they always have the same response; "WoW! I need to get one of those". The best part is, my Furbabies love it and all want to be brushed more. Thanks for making the purrfect product.

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It works really well!


from Toronto, ON, Canada

I am quite impressed with this brush. It captures a surprising amount of fine underfur and made my cats fur very soft and shiny. The best part is that she actually likes being brushed now! It has always been a struggle getting her to let me brush her, and now she comes back for more! Great product.


Miracle worker!


from Undisclosed

This is the frickin' BEES KNEES. I just bought it at PetSmart and hemmed and hawwed over the cost for a few minutes (it was about $10 more expensive than Amazon, which i now know) and I probably wouldn't have bought it if I didn't have a gift card. But it is worth EVERY PENNY. My cat is notoriously dirty; a shedding machine (short haired, indoor cat). My boyfriend said he was becoming "like that dog you don't want to pet because it's fur is so nasty". I had to change my clothes after petting him because I would just be covered in hair. But oh. my. god. I came home and brushed him immediately and it was amazing. I pulled off enough fur to make a hamster out of in just a 5-10 minute sitting. I can only imagine how much better he must feel! And he is SO much softer. I'm not one to write reviews, but this is why I'm writing one. Even my other cat, who is not as much of a shedder- I was amazed at how much fur it pulled off of her. Don't let the cost stop you from purchasing this. It's a worthy investment. Do it for your home, your clothes, your house guests, and most importantly, do it for your cat.




from South Africa

What an amazing experience! I look forward to less fur around the house after multiple uses. It is a great bonding experience, kitty loves it and happily purrs while I use it. The only downside is the price but I am sure it will prove worthwhile in the long term.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Great service for great tool!


from Vancouver, Canada

After 20 years of fur everywhere on the floors, furniture and my clothing, it is unbelievable how little there now is.I am really surprised how well the tools work, and my kittens just love being Furminated. I have one for short-haired cats under 10 pounds and one for short-haired cats over 10 pounds. I bought the second one some time last summer when my male kitten hit 10 pounds. One day I noticed some teeth were missing on the bigger tool. I couldn't find the receipt. I phoned Furminator and spoke with Tammy. After a few questions, she told me to send both of them in for inspection. Both of mine were replaced within a few days.


Best Comb/Bonding tool ever!


from San Diego, CA, United States

I bought the Furminator 2 weeks ago and it has changed both of our lives! My kitty's hairball problem has reversed: instead of throwing up every day or two, she hasn't thrown up in 8 days! Also, she enjoys it so much that she sits in the spot that I first groomed her and that's her way of saying, "More Furminator, please!" I have four other grooming combs/brushes and NONE of them were to her liking, except the one she likes to chew on. I was skeptical about buying it due to the high cost but it's definitely worth it. The pet store clerk suggested getting the larger one because she got the smaller one, then regretted it. I was glad for the suggestion - it works great and 2-3 daily brushing (at her request) has increased our bond significantly. She even cuddled up with me last night - she's never been a cuddler! I also love the button to clean the brush and the handle with the grip - excellent design.


Works very well, breaks very easily


from Toronto, ON, Canada

We have owned this deshedding tool for about a year now and it has worked very well for cutting down on the amount of loose fur flying around our little apartment. Our Turkish Van/mix cat sheds far more than we ever expected.... And he loves being brushed with it, too! As long as we brush him gently and in short sessions, though; it seems that a gentle touch is very helpful with this tool. However, just this evening while brushing him the FURminator broke cleanly in half. I'm very disappointed that the quality of this grooming tool hasn't turned out to match it's price, so I'm undecided whether we'll buy another one to replace it.


Gets the Matted Fur Out


from Fredericksburg, VA

I'm embarrassed but my short-haired cat has been inundated with matted fur (both small and large sections of clumped up fur) as well as excessive shedding. I asked my vet tech if there were any products that helped with matted fur and she suggested the Furminator. I purchased the Furminator for short-haired cats. Because there are so many areas of matting, it's taking a couple of weeks of short stints of brushing to separate the mattes and work on brushing out her coat. My cat does not like brushing for long periods of time (using any type of brush). I have been quite pleased with the results. The mattes are coming out slowly and my cat's overall appearance is improving. I'm hoping that at the end of one month, she will be back to normal. It has saved me from having to go to the vet and pay to have her sedated (at 15 years old) and shaved.


Best thing ever!


from Ames, IA, United States

Got ours years and years ago!! Not only do we love it but Tuxedo Black loves it too, in fact, comes around the minute we bring it out! But alas, we have to buy a new one! Wish there was a way to just replace the blade!! So for now, Happy Holidays to our "ol' man of the house!" when he is swooning on Christmas morning!!


A Must Have for all Pet Owners!


from Springfield, MA, United States

The Furminator was recommended by my groomer and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. My cat Dude doesn't exactly "love" when I use it, but it's 100% effective. No more cat hair floating around my house, as it is now much more manageable. Thank you Furminator!!!

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