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Joint Stress

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A homeopathic remedy to provide temporary relief from: Joint stiffness, soreness, muscle tension, overexertion, pain in lower back and joint areas.

Your Pet's Symptoms

* Lameness, stiffness, difficulty rising or climbing stairs
* Limping or holding foot up
* Hip, joint and back pain
* Weak hind legs
* Pain with movement

Hypericum Perforatum 6c, 30c; Acontium Napellus 6c, 30c; Arnica Montona 6c, 30c; Calendula Officinalis 6c, 30c; Hamamelis Virginiana 6c, 30c; Lathyrus Sativus 6c, 30c; Rhus Toxicodendron 6c, 30c