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In Clover Grin Dental Health Soft Chews for Dogs

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For Dental Health, Soft Chews for Dogs

Don’t Mask Doggy Breath, Fight it at the Source!

The tacky texture of Grin allows premium, natural ingredients to maximize beneficial exposure to the teeth. And because dogs LOVE the taste, owners will be rewarding their best friend with a yummy supplement. Made with Green Tea Extract, Chlorophyll, Prebiotic Organic Inulin and Anise, Grin Dental Health Soft Chews for Dogs work from the inside out to promote dental and gum health while also supporting fresh breath.

Potato flour, pea powder, glycerin, tapioca starch, canola oil, anise, salt, green tea extract, sunflower lecithin, organic Inulin, ascorbic acid, phosphoric acid, dried seaweed meal (chlorophyll), preserved with sorbic acid and mixed tocopherols. NO SUGAR.