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JW Pet Skid Stop Slow Feed Dog Bowls

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If you have a dog or cat that eats quickly, this product is for you! It can help save their life!

Many dogs eat too rapidly, which can cause bloat, discomfort and other digestive issues. Bloat, in particular, is not only dangerous, it can also be deadly, and many have lost their pets due to "stomach turning" which occurs if animals eat too fast. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR DOG!

This bowl, with large interior indentations, will force the dog to move their snout around in the bowl, picking up kibble much more slowly, forcing them to slow down their feeding.

In addition, this bowl has a thermoplastic rubber base, which keeps the bowl from moving around and from tipping over easily.

These bowls are sold for as much as $14.99 in stores, and we currently have them on special for as little as $4.99

Available Sizes: Medium (2.75-cup), Large (5-cup), Jumbo (10-cup)

*Note: Bowls are available in white and blue. Please allow us to choose the color for you!