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Dog Games Slo Bowl Slow Feeders Coral Design Dog Bowl

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The Slo-Bowl™ is a natural, healthy, and playful solution for dogs that gobble their kibble too quickly. Our nature-inspired designs promote natural eating habits by requiring dogs to forage for their feasts. Moreover, by prolonging feeding times, Slo-Bowls™ reduce the risks for bloat, regurgitation, and canine obesity. Dogs quickly learn to "chase" their food through a maze of ridges and valleys, making dinnertime feel more like a hunt. And, because the Slo-Bowl™ "rewards" their play with bits of food, furry friends become more and more engaged as the meal goes on. Veterinarians agree that slower feeding is safer feeding. When it's time to dine, feed your dog with peace of mind. VIDEO:

Customer Reviews

Never again


I will not waste my money again. My dog immediately turned the bowl over and used it as a chew toy. He couldn't get to his food. The opening is too narrow for my pit. The bowl does not fit into his stand (for his eating/drinking bowls) and my dog easily moved it across the floor. I realized that I could easily divide his food in sections (within his original bowl) and ultimately slow-down his eating. I donated the bowls (I purchased all the models) to an animal shelter. Prayerfully, a dog with an extremely slender snout will make use of these bowls.



I would buy this product again


Great for dogs who eat fast. My pit/rottweiler eats out of it just fine, I have to knock out the last couple bits when they get stuck but no worries to me.

Encino, CA


Works great!


My dog was eating her meal in a few gulps. This product slows her way down, and it's actually funny to watch her get the food out of the channels. It's easy to clean (I hand wash) and doesn't take up a lot of space, though I don't bother to put it away. I like the way it looks on the floor anyway. I like it a lot, though my dog probably doesn't.

Plainfield MA


Greatest bowl for gobblers


My friend's dog went from 6 seconds to 6 minutes eating her dinner! Great bowl.



love these bowls!


These bowls do exactly what they advertise. Our puppy practically inhales his food and these bowls really slow him down. We have this swirl one and the flower one. Both work well, I think the flower style may slow him down a bit more, but they both work well. We interchange them every week or so. These bowls are worth the money if you have a chow hound like we do!!

Wilmington, DE, USA


Great product!


Our dog had a habit of gulping his food down in about 30 seconds with this bowl it now takes him a couple minutes to eat. He does not seem to mind that he has to work harder to get his meal and now we do not have to worry that he will bloat!

Mill Creek, PA, USA


Really works!


My little girl has always wolfed down her food. Lately she has gotten even worse and I was really starting to worry about her health. I ordered this bowl to see if it would slow her down a little. It does! She is even slower than our little boy, who eats his one kibble at a time.

Slinger, WI, USA


time to sip my coffee while he eats.


Our newly adopted coonhound would eat his food in less than a minute. Now with the slo-bowl, his meals are taking him much longer--long enough for me to sit down and sip my coffee.



Not for Smaller Dogs


My dog is 21 pounds & inhales his food. I thought this would be perfect to slow him down. This would do it too well... he'd starve. The bowl itself is huge and the grooves very deep. I tried a few pieces and he gave up. However, I think it would be great for larger dogs that have larger pieces of food and longer tongues. I think the dimensions should be listed. I could have avoided wasting my money. :-(

Richardson, TX, USA


Eating Slower Than The Average Lab!


My dog Tucker would normally eat 1 cup of food in 20 seconds using a different type of slow bowl and now we have clocked him at the most about 4 minutes (it varies). I have since purchased 4 more of the Kyjen Slo Bowls, 1 for my other dog, 1 for my grandpup (Easter gift) and 2 for a raffle prize for our organization. I have been looking for something like this for ever. Cleans great in the top rack of the dishwasher, just be sure to pour what water remains in the section that faces up ( crevices collect water) and give it a good rinse. You wont regret it!!!!

Agawam, MA, USA



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