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Puppy Pads

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17x24 Small Mednet Puppy Pads

Toilet training your puppies can be an uphill task as they are too young to understand your instructions. Mednet Direct Puppy Pads prevent your pet from soiling places within your home. These 17" x 24" Small Size Puppy Pads from Mednet Direct are ideal for small breeds of dogs and puppies such as poodles, terriers, beagles, chihuahuas, dachshunds, and even cats.

-Leak-proof plastic lining
-Comfortable fit
-Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Each small puppy pad can absorb up to one full cup of liquid. Each pad features a unique cellulose filling to offer the maximum absorbency. The leak proof plastic backing provides protection against leaks, and makes clean up easy!

Disposable Puppy Pads help train your pet to eliminate on the pad, not on your floor, helping you to train your pet and save money. Puppy Pads keep furniture, clothing, floors and pet beds clean and dry, saving money on expensive cleaning services. Puppy pads are also great for older, ill or incontinent pets!

17x24 Small Mednet Puppy Pads

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