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Talking Monkey Dog Toy

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7 Inch Toy
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  • 7 Inch Toy


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Look Whos Talking Money:

-More than your run of the mill plush toys, this cute monkey talks when your pet squeezes them.

7 Inch Dog Toy

Customer Reviews

My dog love the noise it made but didn't hold up


Within minutes the sound box was crushed into pieces then he chewed a hole in the monkey and there were sharp pieces of plastic and wiring it was very unsafe

Clearlake California


My dog's favorite toy!!


This is by far my dog's favorite toy!!He loves playing with it non-stop..I would definitely buy this again..

Atlanta, Ga


Back for more of the screaching monkey's!


I have two Pom's & a Pom/Chi.I got this toy for Sammie my Pom/Chi when he young & he loved it.Then we got our girls (sisters).They came to love this monkey right away,,,way too much for Zoey who is the smallest,most passive Miss Nervous Nellie.We have to put it away at night or it screeches in the wee hrs of the night inches from (always) my head since she drags it into our communal bed.The only flaw is all three furry babies can disembowel a toy in under 10min,,three mins if they work together.First the squeaker comes out,next are the eyes & finally it it snow throughout the house!They do that will all toys that squeak & have stuffing.After two years the monkey is a dried up slobbery piece of fake fur so I am buying 3 this time.Two for the future,no way would I have 3 screeching monkey's going off at 3am.

South Jersey


Favorite toy


We've had a number of foster dogs come through our home and the all live the monkey as well as the Mr Bill toy. We've gotten into a habit of giving toys to the fosters when they go to their furever home.

Haverhill, MA


She liked the monkey, but not how he sounds....


When I first saw the Multipet Talking Monkey Toy, I thought it would be a great addition to my dog Shiloh's stuffed monkey collection. She has several squeaky animal toys in her basket that she enjoys. She loves monkeys for some reason, and she checks them out every time we go to a pet specialty store. In fact, I'm looking for suitable replacements for some of the stuffed monkeys she's worn out. However, I wish that there was a way for pet owners to "test" the sound before buying a toy (e.g.--an online button on the site that allows you to hear what the toy will sound like). I might have looked for another toy that my furry girl would have liked more than this one. While Shiloh enjoys cuddling with it and playing with it like she does with her other monkey "babies", she's not fond of the sound at all. She thinks it's crying, so when she activates the sound box, she comforts it and then sets it aside. She's used to hearing chimpanzee "chirps", gurgles, and shrieks on TV more than the sound that comes out of this monkey toy. When I first squeezed the monkey toy to show her how it works, she looked at me as if I was somehow hurting it! So, when she played with it the first time, she kissed and comforted it. She's getting used to it, but I can tell she doesn't like it as much as she does her other monkey toys. I'd only recommend this toy if 1) you've bought the toy and your dog loves it, or 2) you already have an idea what the toy would sound like OR have "tested" it on the product page. So, in the meantime, I'll be looking for other monkey toys on Petflow and on similar sites.


Good for toothless dogs


My dog killed this monkey in about 2 hours. Then she was bored with it. It is a cute toy, but requires a gentler mouth than hers.

Port Townsend, WA


I would buy it again!


My husky loves this. He loves playing tug-a-war with us.

Alhambra, CA


Great toy


If your dog likes toys that talk to them this one is great

New Orleans Louisiana


I would buy this again


Bella loves this Monkey! The sound gets her excited and she tries to imitate it. It's durable she is a puppy still in the chewing stage . We give her short periods of play time with it Cute as a bug but your ears need a rest 😊

Huntsville Al


We would get sick of this sound if it didn't make us laugh!


Shasta has a lot of babies! His Baby Basket brims over with his babies. Once a month I go through and sneak out the "Carcuses" that don't have much stuffing in them anymore, so I can surprise him with a few new babies. He lives for his boxes from Pet Flow, flowing over with affordable, quality babies, only to make them unrecognizable within a day or so!

Reno NV



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