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Regional Red Freeze Dried Dog Food

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As we learn more about a dog's natural diet, many pet parents are looking for the best way to provide the most natural diet possible. Short of hunting and preparing daily catch, ORIJEN Regional Red Freeze-Dried dog food is the closest thing you’ll find! Regional Red Freeze-Dried is formulated with 90% meat ingredients, all local and ranch raised like Black Angus beef, wild boar, lamb and heritage pork and bison for the crucial fats and proteins, with the remaining 10% a selection of wholesome fruits and vegetables to provide essential antioxidants and vitamins. All ingredients are delivered fresh and gently freeze-dried in ORIJEN’s own kitchens without cooking or added preservatives to lock in the natural, life-giving nutrients and flavors abound in a wild diet. Whether provided as a main meal, or a supplement to their kibble, dogs will surely benefit from the arrival of new flavors and nutrients in ORIJEN Regional Red Freeze-dried dog food!

Why We Love It

  • 90% Fresh local meat ingredients, gently freeze-dried
  • Natural meat flavors are preserved for all the finicky dogs
  • Made in Canada

ORIJEN's goal is simple; provide the best possible food for your pet, period. Dogs evolved as hunters - the structure of their teeth, jaws, and digestive system scientifically classifies them as carnivores, evolved to eat a meat based diet. Through a biologically appropriate diet packed with fresh meats, ORIJEN captures the carnivore in your pet and releases their inner instinct in each grain-free recipe. With 85-90% meat ingredients, ORIJEN has 3 times the that of most conventional dog and cat foods. Two thirds of the meats in every formula is raw or fresh, and never rendered or processed, so they are brimming with proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. The high quality fresh meats and low-glycemic healthy carbohydrates are all sustainably sourced in the Canada from trusted farmers. With heritage red meats from America's heartland, wild caught fish, free run poultry and eggs, locally grown fruits, vegetables and botanicals such as butternut squash and Bartlett Pears, trusted sustainable farmers are at the core of ORIJEN's business. The unmatched variety of high quality ingredients rival mother nature, supplying nutrients in their freshest, most natural flavorful form, mimicking the ancestral diet and keeping your pet's inner instinct happy and healthy.

All Ingredients

Angus beef (ground with bone)*, wild boar (ground with bone) *, lamb (ground with bone) *, whole herring*, bison (ground with bone) *, beef liver*, spinach*, pea fiber, lamb liver*, pork liver*, beef heart*, lamb heart*, beef tripe*, whole salmon*, sunflower seeds, Red Delicious apples*, Bartlett pears*, Red Heart plums*, Tilton apricots*, pumpkin*, Butternut squash*, Imperator carrots*, kelp*, mixed tocopherols, cranberries*, blueberries*, blackberries*, chicory root, dandelion root, summer savory, peppermint leaf*, ginger root*, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, manganese proteinate.

Guaranteed Analysis

Nutrient Guaranteed Units
Crude Protein 36% min
Crude Fat 35% min
Crude Fiber 5% max
Omega-6 Fatty Acids 2.5% min
Phosphorus 1.4% min
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 1.1% min
DHA 0.3% min
EPA 0.3% min
Glucosamine 300 mg/kg min
Calcium 1.7% min
Moisture 4% max
Chondroitin Sulfate 300 mg/kg min
Customer Reviews

Origen Regional Red


Both my girls love this food! I've recently tried other foods that are less expensive but they don't get at all excited.

Racine, Wisconsin


Great product quality ingredients!!


I home cook for my dogs but add the Orijen freeze dried to help supplement their diets especially our puppy. Always pleased with quality of ingredients and where they are sourced. Have recommended this product to friends.

Weston MA


Top Notch Dog Food


Very good quality food, we add to our dry kibbles add a little warm water and watch her go

Kernersville NC


Before and After


Please see the below "before" and "after" pictures of Chuppa to help paint a picture of how crucial a nutrient dense dog food is. When I met Chuppa on the beach in Puerto Rico, the vet said she was too sick and should be put down. With the help of Orijen dog food, she has been my healthy best friend for the last 8 years. If you have the option, your dog deserves the best!!!!



Excellent dog food


My three eat Orijen Original Freeze Dried dog food once a day. They swap out with Original Regional Red dry. I have to say they really like both. My youngest, Andy, a standard poodle has been on it since he was a puppy. My other two were finicky eaters until I introduced them to Orijen Regional Red dry and Freeze dried. I have only good things to say except that it is expensive. But my babies are worth it!

Bessemer AL


Did my research. Best there is!!!! Period!


Did tons or research. Tried numerous other freeze dried brands. My dog actually can't wait to eat this food and is the healthiest he's ever been. So much energy, I can't keep up with him. Formula mimics wild canine diet. Well balanced. All natural. No fillers. Right ratios of meat, fish, cartilage and bone with added fruit and vegetables. Healthiest formula I have found

CDA, Idaho


Great mixer with regular kibble


I add this to my dog's regular Sports Mix kibble. They love the smell and gets excited to eat. I like that it's real meat! Giving me the luxury of adding raw food without the burden and time restraints. It is pricey but, I only use a medallion and a half for my 5 month old and the other half medallion for my 8 week puppy. I have American Bully XL and eating properly and adding weight early in their life at a puppy stage is very important to change that fat into muscle when they begin to mature. So it's crucial to find a food that taste great but still meets their nutritional needs, I plan on buying some Origen Kibble and mixing it with my regular Sports Mix with Origen Freeze Dried and just add one medallion for each serving to extend the amount of food longer.



I am on auto ship. Love the product and program!


I mix the freeze dried food with orijins kibble. She loves it!

Madera Ca


Best food out there? Orijen


Top off Sadie's Orijen 6 Fish kibble with a few pieces ~

Southern Calif


Cleaned her bowl each time.


I have a finiky Toy poodle. I had heard about Orjen and its quality, so wanted to try it. The stores locally dont carry it so i started fff by buying a small bag. Well Dominique loves it. Unlike the ohter Raw foods she enjoys, this one is a variety of meets vs. the single chicken or beef. All I know is, she cleans her plate. Its so much less stress for her and us to not have to worry about either the quality or if she will eat something. I highly recommend. It I use it in intervals with her Stella And Cheweys and love the result.

Albany, NY, USA



4.9 14


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