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Orijen Freeze Dried Alberta Wild Boar Cat Treats

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Orijen Freeze Dried Alberta Wild Boar Cat Treats
Packed with nourishment and taste, our wild boar are delivered fresh from local farms where they are raised naturally on tubers and shoots.

Our Freeze-Dried Cat Treats feature the very same fresh, local meats, poultry and fish as our Award-Winning Cat Foods. Loaded with 100% cage free poultry, nest-laid eggs, wild-caught fish and ranch raised meats delivered fresh and then gently freeze-dried, these special Orijen treats deliver tastes and goodness to cats and peace of mind to their human companions. 100% Meat, 100% Natural - Prepared without cooking or preservatives. Orijen's Biologically Appropriate treats feature 100% meat gently freeze-dried to lock in all it's natural goodness, for a pure and natural treat your cat will truly love.

Wild Boar, wild boar liver.