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Orijen Freeze Dried Tundra Cat Treats

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Orijen Freeze Dried Tundra Cat Treats
This unique and flavorful treat features elk, venison, quail and steelhead trout - all raised or fished within our region and delivered fresh by people we know and trust.

Our Freeze-Dried Cat Treats feature the very same fresh, local meats, poultry and fish as our Award-Winning Cat Foods. Loaded with 100% cage free poultry, nest-laid eggs, wild-caught fish and ranch raised meats delivered fresh and then gently freeze-dried, these special Orijen treats deliver tastes and goodness to cats and peace of mind to their human companions. 100% Meat, 100% Natural - Prepared without cooking or preservatives. Orijen's Biologically Appropriate treats feature 100% meat gently freeze-dried to lock in all it's natural goodness, for a pure and natural treat your cat will truly love.

Boneless venison, elk liver, boneless elk, venison liver, boneless quail, steelhead trout.