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Scoop 24/7 Performance Continuous Odor Control for Multiple Cats Cat Litter

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27-lb, Pail
40-lb Box
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  • 27-lb, Pail


  • 40-lb Box


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Tidy Cats Scoop 24/7 Performance Continuous Odor Control for Multiple Cats Cat Litter has a time-release deodorizing system provides extended odor protection for busy cat boxes. Ideal for boxes in low-traffic areas - basement or garage. Advanced hard clumping formula enhances clump hardness over time. Woody floral scent.

Please note: Product available in a handled container, a pail and a box.

Customer Reviews

New fan


Wow I was totally amazed!! Much better than the bargain brands and even the big fancy commercial brand I'm now a new fan .


Used to be it won't clump and smells


This is our second large container of Tidy Cat Instant Action litter that will not clump—they disintegrate the second I try to scoop them —AND the urine odor is unbearable. I scoop daily, I have separate boxes for each cat....and can't stand the smell any longer. I have used this brand for years, but sometning has changed. Looking for a new litter.

Harrisburg PA

beinng using for years


My cat is 17 and this stuff is great I tried instant action, 24/7 and multi cat they all are great!!!!

melbourne , fl

Way too dusty


I used to love this litter but over the past few months it has become so dusty I can hardly stand it. Worries me to think about what it's doing to my cats and to me by breathing all that in. It's really a shame because it worked great for my cats for the past 6+ years, it clumped nice and it never smelled. Sadly I'm going to have to find a different litter.


Best clumping litter ive found


We have 2 cats. I like the fast clumping action in ur Tidy Cats sented litter. It makes cleaning up behind 2 cats alot easier. And when cleaning it leaves a nice clean smell. And I feel as if I really get my monies worth. Dont use any other I have tried others over time. Those high priced litters dont do as good of a job as Tidy Cat.sented. thank you. Happy Loving Cat Owner.

Halethrope Md

Horrible litter


Didn't clump well. I ended having to dump all this litter out of all the litter Boxes because the urine soaked litter didn't clump well or the clumps just broke apart leaving urine soaked litter in the boxes.

Pinellas Park

24/7 clumping litter


It's the best my kitties love it.....i do wish the dust was down more it does build up if not dusted every day. I have had cats for a lot of my life and used so many different types of litter and used this one years ago and loved it spits the only one I use. My grown children that has cats use it also. Thanks for a good litter.

Poncha Springs Co.

I use Electric Litter Maid for my cats


I have always used a Electric Litter Maid Box for my 2 cats Great for when u are away for 1-2 days More then that amount of time I have a neighbor empty the clumps from the tray and add more Litter .


Good product


Works well



Not Clumping Anymore


I have used Tidy Cat Scoopable for years and the last 6 months the clumping action is gone! What is going on with this litter? Have they changed the formula to get people to buy more litter?



4.1 3405


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