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King Kamehameha Luau Variety Pack Canned Cat Food

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2.8-oz, case of 12
2.8-oz, TWO cases of 12
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  • 2.8-oz, case of 12


  • 2.8-oz, TWO cases of 12 ★SAVE MORE★


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With the Tiki Kamehameha Luau Variety Pack Canned Cat Food, your cat can have a different dish for each meal.

This variety pack contains twelve 2.8-oz cans of the following formulas: (2) Hawaiian Grill, (2) Lanai Luau, (2) Tahitian Grill, (1) Molokai Luau, (1) Honolulu Luau, (1) Waimea Luau, (1) Waikiki Luau, (1) Makaha Luau and (1) Bora Bora Luau

All Ingredients

If you have a question about the ingredients, please check each individual flavor for more information.

Customer Reviews

Excellent ... and Varied.


I have been feeding my brood Tiki King Variety Pack for a number of years. It's pretty hard to find a food that will please 4 cats. I thought it may be impossible, but all of my cats love this product! From tuna, to mackerel, to sardines, and more, this medley of cat food is highly recommended by me and my 4 fur-babies!

New Smyrna Beach


High protein/low carb to help with weight loss


My cat has been about 8lbs overweight since a leg injury in 2010. At 10 years old, the vet very simply explained how is his weight will absolutely cut his life short. He's a picky eater, but after doing some extensive research into high protein/low carb- wet cat food, Tiki Cat came up numerous times. We're about one month into this new diet (switching him from high carb dry food) and he's a very happy cat. The slimming part will take some time but he's had more energy than ever before.



My three cats give it 3 "paws" up!


Feed them 1× in the morning. Its always gone. Big pcs of sardines and other fish in some varieties. Hate to admit but it looks edible for human consumption.

Simi Valley, Ca


3 very fussy Maine Coons Love these!


I try not to feed my babies seafood too often due mercury levels in fish so, I buy them these as a treat. There is nothing in this pack that they don't devour in fact, i thought they wouldn't go for the sardines but, they inhale it! You can see whole pieces of shrimp and fish that I find quite impressive. This stuff is perfect for very picky eaters!

Santa Rosa, CA, USA


My older cat loves this


My cat lolo came to kitchen three times she loves the sardines my younger cat blossom likes the ground tuna I gave a can to a friend of a picky cat and he loved it so it's very healthy

Kansas City, KS, USA


My cat loves these


My very picky feline friend really likes these. I wish the came in slightly bigger cans, but the fact that she likes them is like WOW

Bear, DE


Quality Varies By Can


I bought his food in the hopes of of introducing my cat to a more healthful canned fur than Friskies. My cat was very fond of the eight tuna-based cans of food in this package. The tune almost seems to be ground. She had no problem eating it. However, the other four sardine-based meals were completely rejected. Each sardine "meal" was all one gelatinous lump that came out that can in a can-shape and contained small lumps of sardines. When my cat was fed the sardines, she usually walked away, after smelling the food. When she did nibble at the "meal" she seemed to have a hard time with the sardine lumps. Given similar complaints from other reviewers, I must wonder if Tiki Cat bothers to taste test its food with actual cats and, if so, why it continues to produce the sardine varieties. I will give the food 3 stars because they ingredients seem to be of a high quality and my cat did enjoy eight of the twelve cans.

Brewster, NY 10509, USA


Healthy and delicious


It's a bit more expensive than your run of the mill canned cat food, but it's much healthier and my cat loves it. And come on, who doesn't want to brag that their cat eats lobster and prawns and crab and all that fancy seafood?

Michigan, USA



4.8 8


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