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PetKind Green Beef Tripe Duck and Salmon Canned Dog Food

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Tripett "Green Beef Tripe, Duck & Salmon" is a
grain free product consisting of nearly 100% pure
meat and tripe (green beef tripe, duck & salmon).

Green beef tripe is the unbleached, nutrient rich
stomach lining of a grass-fed animal containing
essential fatty acids and digestive juices important
for your pet's health.

Duck & Salmon are highly
palatable and rich in omega's 3 & 6. This product is
often used as an added boost for Skin+Coat
condition, and variety of protein.

Tripett. Feed well.

Picky eaters
Sensitive Stomachs
Cleaner Teeth
Digestive Improvement
Healthy & Nutritious for puppies
Rejuvenation for older dogs
Lustrous and healthy skin+coat
Aids pets in food and diet transitions

Green Beef Tripe, Water, Duck, Salmon, Garlic, Carrageenan Gum