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Tripett PetKind New Zealand Green Lamb Tripe Canned Dog Food

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Tripett "New Zealand Green Lamb Tripe" is a grain free product consisting of nearly 100% Green New Zealand Lamb Tripe.

Green tripe is the unbleached, nutrient rich stomach lining
of a grass-fed animal containing essential fatty
acids and digestive juices important for your
pet's health.

Our New Zealand Lamb Tripe isknown for it's exceptionally high content of green lamb tripe, and is often used with puppies
during weaning and "moms" pre and post litters.
Good for all breeds and all sizes.

Tripett. Feed well.

Picky eaters
"Moms" - pre and post litters.
Sensitive Stomachs
Cleaner Teeth
Digestive Improvement
Healthy & Nutritious for puppies,
especially for when weaning from milk.
Rejuvenation for older dogs
Lustrous and healthy skin+coat
Aids pets in food and diet transitions

New Zealand Lamb Tripe, Water, Garlic, Carrageenan Gum