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Dental Fresh Kit for Dogs and Cats

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Cleans Teeth, Removes Plaque & Tartar, and Freshens Breath!

Complete Dental Care Made Easy.

Make it easy to care for your pet’s dental health without the expense and drama of dental cleaning at the veterinarian’s office!

Bad breath starts as bacteria attach and build on teeth. Over time this can lead to dental plaque and gum issues. Poor oral health can jeopardize the overall health of dogs and cats.

No Brushing Required.
It is often difficult to maintain proper dental care for pets since brushing is not always an option. Deep dental cleaning by a veterinarian is effective but can be traumatic for pets placed under anesthesia, plus it can be very expensive.

The True-Dose 3-Step Approach:

Gel Fresh
For Healthy Teeth & Gums!
The Gel Fresh system works to eliminate symptoms of poor oral health quickly and effectively. Our unique formula works to break down harmful bacteria and plaque, while also working to restore a healthy state in your pet’s gums. Gel Fresh should be applied directly to your pet’s gums for the full 8-week period. Over the period of usage, Gel Fresh promotes oral health, freshens breath, and reduces harmful bacteria and plaque.

Sea Fresh
Cleans Teeth & Fights Bad Breath!
The Sea Fresh powder is a revolutionary solution to the persistent issue of bad breath and overall poor oral health among pets. The unique combination of algae and crushed oyster shell effectively breaks down and removes plaque and tartar from the pet’s teeth, while simultaneously eliminating any harmful bacteria in or around your pet’s gums. Continuous use will not only remove any harmful bacteria, plaque and tartar that exist, but also prevent their return in the future. The powder is easily administered directly onto your pet’s food, making this a simple treatment for both the owner and the pet!

Spray Fresh
Freshens Breath!
The easy-to-use Spray Fresh quickly eliminates odorous breath, providing immediate results. The minty-flavored formula works to counter the bacteria in your pet’s gums, therefore removing the source of the odor and leaving freshness instead. Spray Fresh should be applied directly into your pet’s mouth for the full 4 weeks to enhance results.