Better Way Cedar Blend Cat Litter

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You will love Better Way Cat Litter because it quickly eliminates litter box odors and forms easy-to-remove clumps leaving the remaining littler clean and fresh. Your cat will love Better Way Litters because it is SOFT ON PAWS!

Not only are Better Way litters a superior clumping clay litter, but they are the only litter which contains the patented natural cat attractant, SANEL. Only cats can smell this aromatic substance which reminds them of the great outdoors. Cats prefer litter with Sanel 3 to 1 over the same litter without it.

Sanel helps cats overcome one of the most serious causes of cat abandonment: Refusal to use the litter box. Sanel natural cat attractant in Better Way Cat Litters helps to coach/retrain cats prone to litter box refusal back to the litter box.

- Helps Train Kittens
- Reduces Litter Box Avoidance in Adult Cats
- A Natural Cat Attractant Derived From Tree Resins
- No Sex Pheromones

Earth Friendly, multi-cat formula, clay litter with Cedar chips, for natural odor control. Contains patented natural cat attractant, Sanel. Only cats smell this aromatic substance.

This product is made of shredded cedar that can be used to cover your cat litter box. It is made of 100% natural cedar chips, earth friendly and most importantly cat friendly. It is designed to absorb the bad odor that cats produce when they excrete their wastes.

In addition, the cedar chips are infused with Sanel, a patented natural cat attractant. This makes your cat stay on the litter box when they do their thing. The product not only controls odor but at the same time releases a good odor that is refreshing for both the owner and cat.

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