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Monthly Monitor Early Illness Detection Program

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Ultra Monthly Monitor is a litter box additive that assist cat owners to monitor their cat's health.

Ultra Monthly Monitor checks the pH of urine and the color indicates if the cat's urine is normal, low or high. If abnormal pH is determined by the test then the cat owner should contact their cat's veterinarian. Abnormal unine pH is often a sign of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease.

Ultra Monthly Monitor will work with all types of litter so the cat owner doesn't have to worry about changing litters and possible rejection by the cat.

Simply pour Ultra Monthly Monitor over the top of litter in a freshly changed litter box and wait for the cat to use the litter box. Each bag of Ultra Monthly Monitor has a card showing the color range that might be seen with low, normal, or high pH. There is also a list of the primary signs a cat may have a Urinary Tract Infection.

After checking the cat's pH level the Monthly Monitor can be stirred in to the regular litter where it will help eliminate odors.

Silica gel, pH indicators