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Ultra Pet Better Way Original Cat Litter

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You can bid farewell to smelly litter scooping. Better Way Original Cat Litter is great to train kittens and help them adapt to litter boxes. It is hypo-allergenic and makes clumps that are easy to scoop out and flush. The clumps are solid and can be easily separated from fine clay granules. It is an easy way of training your feline the right way to litter.

Better Way Original Cat Litter
-Has no scent
-Made of small clay granules
-Built using quality material
-Easy to clean and use

A Closer Look: Better Way Original Cat Litter is soft on your petÆs paws. It contains the patented attractant û senel. This aromatic substance is smelt only by cats and hence is useful in even re-training cats who are repellant to using litter boxes.

Made Specially for: Cats of all ages

Bentonite Clay Mix- No add fragrance