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Ultra Pet Ultra Pearls Cat Litter

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Ultra Pearlsa are 100% safe and 100% chemically and biologically inert. They are completely non-toxic and safe for pets and people - even if consumed! It is fine to put in landfills and will degrade back to sand over time in your garden. This is the only FDA approved silica in the world. Ultra Pearlsa makes liquid disappear and in the process is scent free and odor eliminating, easy handling, anti-bacterial, and a cleaner looking product for your home. Rest assured we have taken every precaution to bring the best and safest possible product available. We are sure you and your cats will enjoy this new technology and we are confident that you will feel we give you a superior product that will make - Liquids Disappear and all Odors Vanish!! - Made of Silica Gel

- Maximum Odor Control

- 70% Less Landfill Contribution than clay litters

- Easy to Maintain

- Absorbs urine instantly and leaves litter dry to the touch

- 99% Dust Free

- Paw Soft

- Cat Friendly & Cat Safe

- Efficient – Economical – Effective

Silica Gel