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Van Ness Eco Natural Pet Dish

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Long before "environmentally conscious" and "eco-friendly" became catch phrases, Van Ness has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of eco-aware products. Econess is a promise to you, your pet and the earth. For you, as a pet parent, Econess represents piece-of-mind. It embodies the commitment you have made to care for your pet and to choose safe, durable pet products for them. For your pet, Econess means a product that they can safely eat or drink from, retrieve, chew, scratch, eat or lick, without ever coming in contact with contaminants, chemicals, heavy-metals or other hazardous unknowns.

Key Benefits:
-Made entirely from plant materials and colored with soy-based ink
-Degradable when exposed to typical composting conditions
-Polished Finish
-Easy to clean
-USDA BioBased Certified