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Vital Essentials Delightful Duck Nibblets Freeze Dried Cat Food

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Vital Essentials is comprised of 45% whole vital organs... more than any other complete and balanced raw diet. It's all there...fresh heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, tripe, meat and bone. Virtually identical to the diet of an ALPHA animal in its natural habitat, Vital Essentials provides pets the opportunity to lead long, vibrant, healthy lives, just as they deserve.

We are confident your pet will taste and feel the benefits of a raw diet.

* Healthy digestive system
* Weight control
* Thick glossy coat
* Soft coats
* Firm muscles
* Healthy skin Strong bones
* Clean, white teeth
* Healthy gums
* High energy
...and a long, happy, healthy life.

Your pet will love it.

Ground duck with bone; duck heart; duck liver; duck gizzard; duck lung; boneless skinless duck breast; raw organic goats milk; raw apple cider vinegar; herring oil; d-alpha tocopherol