It is so nice to be able to edit my order instead of dragging myself to the store.

Since my furry family will always have the food they will eat... not bury.....

I know you guys have my back, especially since I am disabled. I can't even imagine lugging cases of canned food when I can barely walk. I look forward to a long relationship.
Suzanne 08/06/12-
I do not usually send emails or comments about things I order online or even buy in stores but was so impressed with PetFlow that I didn't feel right not sending a comment. I was weary to use the website...even though it was recommended by a friend. You never know what gimics and scams are going on these days, but decided to use it anyway to try it out. I LOVE PETFLOW! I ordered my puppy, Bailey's food on Tuesday afternoon and it was delivered Thursday morning! I have never seen faster shipping that was FREE! I also ended up saving about $21.00 on the food buying it from PetFlow instead of at a pet store. I am so happy with this and will continue to use PetFlow!
-Jessica 07/31/12
They are two of the most spoiled rescues you'll ever meet. And they love the auto-delivery =>)
Leanne 07/30/12-
You have absolutely the BEST customer service I have ever seen; I am very impressed. That alone would be enough to keep me as a customer, BUT incredibly, the prices, shipping etc. are the best on the internet!

Thank You!
-Barbara Garzelloni 07/18/12
I just wanted to take a minute and recognize the outstanding service Petflow provides. The web site is easy to navigate, the product selection is varied and the auto delivery option allows for flexible scheduling and product selection. Thank you for providing excellent service from right here in the USA. My kitties stay fat and happy thanks to their favorite food and treats delivered from Petflow.
Avery Cox (and Montana, Dakota, Mikey and Homer) 07/03/12-

I just wanted to comment on the ease of ordering from PetFlow. Last week was my first visit to your site; it was easy to navigate, and gave me lots of choices. When I found what I was looking for, the ordering process was very simple. I have never had dry food shipped to my home, and I was a bit concerned about how it would arrive. The two large bags I ordered were packed in a heavy cardboard box, and arrived 2 days after I ordered in perfect condition.

I'm looking forward to ordering from you again.

thanks so much!
-Judy Williams 06/25/12
Hi. I'd like to let you guys know that I love your website. ALWAYS makes me smile. It is WELCOME mail. Thank you. I wanted to share a pic of a new kitten in our family. Meet Freddie Foote...playing peek-a-boo with a large couch.
Anonymous 06/19/12-
I am so happy with make my owner's life so much easier for me...I'm glad you're here and I hope you exist forever. My name is Echo and I'm in the picture.

Just to let you know that PetFlow is the best company going for dogs. You make everything so simple, even for a senior like me. Echo has been on a special diet from Royal Canin (Low Purine) for years. Being in Florida for the winters helped us out a great deal since many places, if at all, carry this food and with PetFlow being there for us, it's delivered right to my door. No worry or hassels. It's so simple and easy to order and the best customer service ever, not to mention the best prices!

I have just rescued a dog similar to Echo, Toby is his name, and with the little samples that PetFlow offers at times it really helps to decide what food to give Toby since he can't eat Echo's food and your suggestions on dog food are of immense help. Great job that you folks are doing and I can't tell you how pleased I am. I want everyone to know about your great company and I'm telling all my dog parents about you. You're great!!!
-Richard Soltys 05/25/12
5 stars!

Petflow handles my flexible needs easily, (the people are great!) just call or email and everything is taken care of. The free shipping makes a world of difference on these heavy orders and auto delivery in combination makes them the best service around.

Lya Smith 05/21/12-
I have discovered petflow a month before my fiancé deployed, in March 2011. We were already wondering how are we going to manage the dog food issue for our whippet and lurcher, as I was recovering from multiple surgeries and wasn't allowed to lift more than 20 lbs and had issues driving as well. The closest place from where we live that had the food our dogs eat is about 20 miles away, and it would have been a hassle, and we didn't want to feed our dogs a poor quality food.

Since then, our furbabies are enjoying their favorite food, brought at the door, with no hassle. Petflow's service is so awesome, and the prices are so good, that we are keeping the service even if my fiancé is back now.

Thank you, Petflow, for your wonderful service!

Many thanks from Whisper and Maya too!
-Day & James 05/18/12
I LOVE great products, but I love awesome customer service even more. I have really been impressed with Petflow (as all my friends know) and when you're doing things so well, YOU should know. Too often people just take the time to tell you when things are wrong, not when they are fantastically right. We're getting better quality food for the pups again due to the convenience and price, and don't have to drive into the next town (30 miles away) to go to a specialty store to get the good food and lug it home either. I really like that!

My #1 dog, Nikkou, is a moocher and had put on a little extra weight too, so the Canidae Snap Bits Treats have been a great find for him. He can snack all he wants, stay on his diet, and I can get them delivered from Petflow! I'm sure they're healthier than his previous treats too. I'm so glad I discovered you through! We'd had dog food deliveries through other companies over the years (we've had several search and rescue dogs) ~ but never any we have been so thoroughly satisfied with. You really do outdo yourselves!
Kate 05/09/12-
The World Famous OLIVER, get's all of his Royal Canin Lo Fat Gastrointestinal Food from PETFLOW. I can always count on fast and courteous service. On a scale of 10, they get a 20.
-Candyce Corcoran 04/25/12
Your company is amazing. I ordered 3 large bags of dog food on Monday afternoon and they arrived today (Wednesday). The price was great but the delivery service was outstanding. Thank you.
Sandra Snead 04/06/12-
I just got my order yesterday and my Shih Tzu Sophie loves the treats. Of course, being a pet owner, I want the best for my Sophie and I'm glad Groupon introduced me to this site. I will be ordering again as they have some things that I can't find in other pet stores.
-Joan 04/05/12
I am thrilled to have found this site. I was able to purchase my dog and cats organic pet food at a better price than the pet store and delivery was free, too. And, as the cherry on top, the delivery arrived two days later. Talk about service! I have already recommended Petflow to friends and family.
Jennifer 03/20/12-

I placed an order on Wednesday last week for my dog Sasha's prescription food (Royal Canin Urinary SO). The package arrived via Fed Ex on Saturday. My fiance and I unpacked her food. A short time later he took our two girls outside and took the box with him to put in the shed. I looked out my kitchen window to see the box sitting in the driveway with Sasha sitting inside it. She would not let our other dog Sadie near it. She knew it was hers and was not about to share. It was so cute. I just had to take a few pictures.

I hope you find it as cute as I did. She certainly likes her packages from Petflow.

-Janice L. Stamm 03/14/12
I changed my delivery date. The package was sent when I requested. It's in transit just one day & will arrive today. I don't believe I've ever encountered such a great company from which to buy. I thank you all for your great service.
Ellie Goldstein 03/13/12-
I just wanted to thank you guys for a job well done. Food ALWAYS comes when it is suppose to. I love Fromm Dog food and cannot get it anywhere within 50 miles of me. I recommend Petflow to all my clients. I am a pet sitter and know what it means to have peace of mind about your best four legged friends. I do not do facebook, just wanted to let you know this customer is a very happy camper!

Thanks again!
-Tracey 03/07/12
Great customer service!! I received a call from customer service regarding an error I made on my order. I was just going to pay the shipping as it is reasonable but since my total was close to free shipping with just another $5 more, they suggested I add on something. They suggested something that I have not found here locally and had been looking for which was great as I then qualified for free shipping. I also appreciated the fact that when I returned the call, there were detailed notes made in my account since I did not speak with the same person. That expedited what needed to be done. That is what customer service truly represents.
Vicky Kyle 03/02/12-
You guys are amazing. I am so glad I tried you! I can't believe my order arrived so fast!!!! Thank you so much. All places should work like your company!!!!
-Anonymous 02/16/12
Thank you for making my life easier. I thought ordering dog food over the internet would take forever and be expensive to ship because of weight. Your prices are better than my local pet store and I don't have to drive all the way there anymore. I don't know how you stay in business with those prices, but I'm glad you are.

Ashley 02/15/12-
Excellent, Easy, and I'm Ecstatic!

In my suburban/rural area all the pet stores sell live, caged pets. None of the pet stores in the nearest city sell caged pets but the drive is far and inconvenient. Not wanting to support outdated, unethical, unhumane practices, nor use up fossil fuels and excess energy, I needed a novel, convenient, dependable, ethical way to get my pets' foods. Petflow is my solution. And, they are dependable, easy to use, and less expensive than retail! Thanks Petflow!
-Tia 02/09/12
Dear PetFlow =>

I have received two shipments from you so far and have become a member of your auto-shipment program. I feed both my dog and my cats a food that is very difficult to find yet had no trouble finding it with you. In addition, even with shipping, the price is reasonable!!

Being disabled and not driving, it is often difficult to get out. When I do, lifting thirty-pound bags of food (and we are talking two here—one for dog and one for cat—and my puppy is growing!) is nearly impossible. Having these delivered to my front door is such a Godsend!!!

I have found your company dependable and easy to work with. Your prices are excellent and choice of products phenomenal! Keep up the wonderful work!

P.S. Now you just need to start carrying bird and chinchilla food and I'll be all set
Joyce A. Anthony 02/07/12-
Once I figure out my schedule for the food delivery (I'm getting closer) this is the best thing to come by my way in a long time! It's so wonderful not having to drive an hour to pick up one bag of the dog rabbit food because the vet has such a huge demand for this brand from their dermatology department. My dog and I thank you very much!

With kindest regards,
-Judy Wood 01/24/12
When the store (50 miles away) I used for pet food closed, I starting looking for a new place to purchase the quality food my 7 animals eat. I tried Amazon, but my husband wasn't impressed with picking up 60 pounds of pet food at the post office. Due to medical issues, I simply can't lift the 30 pound bags. An email arrived to try out Petflow, and the price was comparable to Amazon, so I thought, why not? Wow! I am unbelievably impressed with your service on my first order and am so glad I made the decision to try it! In less than one week from order to delivery, my seven animals are set for another 6 weeks. With the auto plan, I can order as usual or change as necessary. My two new kittens (see enclosed pic) are impressed also! Thanks so much! I am one of your newest lifelong members....
Kris 01/16/12-

I would like to take a second to thank you for such an outstanding service. Although I went with Petflow because it was by far the most inexpensive option for our cats' food, the ease of the recurring
shipments, the upfront notifications and ability to change/delay shipments is incredible! It's actually a service to the customer (me), rather than some way to ship more food and charge more!!! Great concept and nice implementation!

Best regards,
-Gene 01/13/12
My Claire Bear (basset) is almost 8 years old. She lived in a puppy mill for 6 years before she was rescued (along with 60 other basset hounds) by the very concerned and caring Golden Gate Basset Rescue organization. Claire Bear had been forced to breed about eight times before her rescue. She was not socialized and was extremely fearful. Although she lived in a foster home for a year and a half, it was not ideal, and she didn't get much attention or socialization. She didn't behave like a dog, and mostly still doesn't. She doesn't understand what it means to play with toys or chew on a bone or wag her tail or get hugs or give kisses or show interest in food or treats or just get loved. I work with her and give her love and attention for hours every day. Claire Bear is slowly responding with baby steps (such as occasionally getting up on the sofa, instead of hiding under the blanket-covered coffee table all day long). Claire Bear has lived with me for three months. I anticipate months and years of healing from the abuse she endured.

I have attached the best two pictures (out of more than 50 I have taken). She runs from me, she runs from the camera. I have mostly blank pictures, or some of her back or tail as she runs in fear.

Clear Bear had numerous ear infections at her foster home. That is why she is on Organix dog food. I understand her ears got a lot better on this organic food. I continue her same (dry and wet food) Organix diet, using grain free when I can (sold in large cans). I plan to keep ordering the smaller 5.5 ounce cans from your website. Thank you for your interest. Keep up the good work in your email and phone customer support! Thank you.
Linda Barnello 01/05/12-
The dogfood was just delivered to me! In one day, at a cheaper price than I had been paying for it. Thanks so much, PetFlow!!!

-Michelle and Desi, The Dog Who Needed Special Food 12/13/11
Dear Petflow,

I am so glad that you are in my life! You have made my life so much easier, and my little Gigi loves her vegetarian food you send her too! Thank you for being here for me! I am so glad that I found you!

Mary Moore 12/08/11-
I have been using your service for several months and wanted to Thank You! The convenience of your service is fantastic. It takes a “load” off my mind each month. Peedee and Bullitt also say “Thanks” that's “Wuff, Wuff” in dog speak.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
-Josie 12/08/11
Hey Petflow,

I ordered my dog food late Wednesday, figuring it would be delivered on Monday since Thursday was Thanksgiving...On Friday I received a notice, which you always send out, notifying me that my order was shipped...& there it was on my doorstep Saturday.. Your prices are lower than in my local store, even if it were the same price, it still would be worth it purchasing it from your company. No standing in lines, no gasoline used & even more important, NO BACK pains carrying 35lbs of dog food, You are the best....Oh & great prices on treats too....Thanks Petflow....WOOF!!
Twelve Paws 11/29/11-
Just a quick note to say "Thank You" to all of the caring animal lovers at PetFlow. We were leery, at first, of a mail-order, automatic shipment company...remember the old Book of the Month Club shipments that NEVER stopped and NEVER got corrected? Well, none of that hassle is anywhere to be found with PetFlow. The products arrive as scheduled, right at our doorstep, and it is always easy to change shipping dates and to add or to remove items from the shipment. You also sent us an "emergency" shipment to another location once when we had gone out of town and had not brought enough food for an unexpected lengthening of our stay. Our sweet April is a cancer survivor, and her food is only carried at one store locally - a 25 minute drive from our home. PetFlow has made all the difference in our lives! Thank you so much (especially from April).
-Connie and Henry Faivre 11/22/11
Dear PetFlow =>

I just wanted to say a Great Big thank you for all of you. I was driving over 100 miles round trip after calling several places to see if they even had the brand I needed to get my dog food. And now, thanks to all of you, it is delivered to my door. No more calls, no more trying to find my brand, no more driving special trips to get what I need. You are awesome , awesome, awesome. Thank you so very much.
Janie Heatherly 11/21/11-
Wonderful service! This is my first experience with a pet food delivery service. I'm hooked. My fur kids and I thank you!
-Sarah 11/21/11
The Pet Flow program is the greatest! I was paying $45 for a 36 pound bag of California Natural Lamb and Rice Dog Food plus the cost of driving an hour from my home every 30 to 60 days to buy it. Now it's delivered to my door exactly when I want it.
Joyce Randall 10/28/11-
This is quite possibly the best service I have come across on the internet! We have 2 large Rhodesian Ridgebacks and 5 cats. Needless to say we go through a lot of large bags of food, cans of food and treats. How nice it is to have a standing order delivered to our front door every 6 weeks. Your prices are competitive (if not lower) than both of our local pet stores, we save gas from having to drive 15 miles round trip and my husband is happy because he no longer has to use his time off to pick up those heavy bags from the pet store. For the first time today I used the 'live chat' to make a suggestion on a certain dog bone my pups go crazy for. The operator advised that PetFlow would email me when they arrived! You guys make everything so easy! I will continue to tell all of my friends and family about your wonderful service.

Thank you again,
-The Johnson Family and Peanut, Pookie, Simba, Luna, Rocky, Noogie and Dottie 09/27/11
I use Pet Flow because they deliver the best pet foods to your door step for a very reasonable price. Their automatic shipments make it simple for me to keep our pet foods and supplies on hand. I'm 70 years old and it definitely makes my life easier. Their customer support is the best. This is a 5 star company.
Nancy Tate 09/14/11-
I have a 4mo old Presa Canario who could not tolerate 4 different dog foods, gave her diarreah and she would only eat 1-2 small mouthfulls. So I started to read about dog food and what is really in them and it made me sick at the thought. Well, I purchased 2 large bags of an expensive dog food.......figured better food, better results. Nope, same reaction. By this time I was pulling my hair out and went back to the drawing board. Read about "Taste of the Wild" high prairie dog food and being impressed I ordered it from PetFlow. Delivered within 3 days....opened it and offered it to Echo my Presa Canario......move out of her way she ate every bit given to her and even licked the bowl...and best of all no diarreah! Wanted to send you her picture as she is not only adorable but has a heart shape on her nose!

Thank you PetFlow for carrying and supplying quality
dog food that is simply very healthy for our beloved pets!
-Mrs. Dannie Morris 08/10/11
Hi. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the service we receive from PetFlow. It has made our lives so much easier, and it's so convenient. Your website is very user friendly and I love the live chat option if I have a question. I just wanted to say thank you.
Jenny Harvey 08/10/11-
Sadie loves getting her Petflow shipment! Thanks for always being so easy to work with.
-Denise 08/04/11
Good morning Petflow! I think it is important to let a company and its staff know how great a job they are doing. I just chatted with Brian via chat message concerned that a competitor offered a cheaper repeating scheduled dog food price and offers free shipping over Petflow rates. Well once I placed the two 30 lb bags of Blue Buffalo Lamb and Rice formula into my shopping cart and applied a shipping discount I was told by their customer service department that I could not use the free discount on repeating scheduled deliveries. Well once again saving even just $1 is so important to me and I love the service and fast shipping from Petflow, that I immediately placed my order with Petflow again (five months going now).

It might sound silly to some that I freak over saving a $1 but in today's economy when companies are cutting costs at a disadvantage to customers, and frugality is key to surviving the tough economy, it is nice to see that Petflow not only has the nicest customer service team but the most competitive prices! Thank you for being there for my two lovable Rottweilers, Tasha and Sophie. They will thank you too when they get their newest delivery and they try to trip me out of the way to get to the Petflow box first!
Kelly Bowman 08/04/11-
Thank you for making managing the process so easy!!!!
And I love my reminder notices.
-Teri Hontas 07/07/11
Dear PetFlow,

Here's the family! These are the special 3 who love you as much as I do. You are always there during diet changes on my orange Khamir, Archie, the black & white, and Saadi the tabby have to eat what he eats. Khamir has IBS and we're investigating how to manage it so he won't be uncomfortable. He is as sweet as he looks and he is as taken with Jeremy and Ian as am I. Your customer service department is what it used to be when I managed one. Your personnel are nice, knowledgeable and very attentive but never pushy. I love your selection of food and your prices, and those now treats are healthy as well as, yummy. I can't wait till you start handling probiotics. Now has great ones - let me know and I'll have more business for you. Oh yes, thanx for opening the las vegas warehouse so I can get my product expedited.
I'm selling it for you, believe me. Thanx for being there for us. We are all grateful.

Most Sincerely,
Dixie Lee Anderson 05/26/11-
I love you guys!

It was late last night when i realized that i had forgotten to update my next order for an earlier delivery. I thought I would have to run out to the specialty store to buy a bag of dog food to tide us over but when I was able to update the shipping to go out today, i was thrilled.
Then today, I got an email that my credit card was denied so I immediately checked on the card and called Petflow Cust support . The rep was so nice and gladly resubmitted the charge and it completed (there must have been a glitch); a few hours later I get the tracking info and my shipment is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow! Sure, Fedex can't guarantee tomorrow but my past experience would indicate that tomorrow is a good bet. The fact that the dog food is not sitting around in uncontrolled conditions for days is very important to me.

FAST service, easy to use website, 2 days from order to delivery, free shipping, nice people, fair bring me peace of mind!
And I even got paid for a referral =>) Petflow is the best !!

very satisfied customer,
-Cher Teel 05/23/11
I just received my first order with Petflow. I learned about it 1 1/2 weeks ago by a coupon insert in the Sunday paper. I was especially interested in the free shipping.

It was a great first experience. The prices were the same or less than at my local Petco, and the free shipping was the icing on the cake. The shipment arrived promptly, and since I am petite it was nice not having to lug the heavy bags in and out of my car. I plan to place a large order every several months for my two dogs and two cats.

I'm looking forward to many more orders in the future. Thank you!
Mary Boehler 05/23/11-
Thanks,Petflow, for making our mom's life easier..and more time to spend with us! It's always pretty exciting watching our food being delivered once a month...and mom likes to make a big deal of it when she opens the box! We all love your's so easy to order or change it if needed.... thanks again...woof woof!

Love and kisses,
-Beau and Lucy Wychock 05/02/11
Dear PetfFlow =>
I just wanted to tell you how great your company is for people like us. We live in a remote mountain area of upstate New York and the nearest store that carries the brand we want (Taste of the Wild) is 60 miles away.

We love not just the fact that you ship to our home for a flat rate that is so much lower than the cost of gas for a 120 mile round trip but that we can alter the orders as needed. We have 3 dogs and one is 16 years old so her eating habits are up and down. We love that we can change the amounts of food we get for any order and are not locked into the same every time.

We have told other people about this great service - still am amazed that you do this for such a reasonable price.

thank you,
Janice & John Rajca, Penny Girl, Cedric and Sable 04/12/11-
I just wanted to say Thank You for your amazing service.

I have to admit I was a little nervous about ordering dog food online. I am on disability and only get paid the 1st of the month. At times, this can make budgeting expenses difficult. I was near the end of my supply of dog food and worried I would run out before your shipment arrived. My fears were needless, your shipment arrived in less than 48 hours. Thank you for the superior service, I have signed up for your auto shipment program. In addition I am spreading the word to all my friends and family. I volunteer at a local animal shelter and do pet therapy, so there are many who can benefit from your program.

Thank you again,
-Rebecca Luciano 04/07/11
I just had a live chat with Ian and wanted you to know how much I appreciate the good service. I'm new to the scheduled delivery program and am very impressed. I'm glad I found your company and will try to pass on the good word.

Tom Wirth 04/07/11-
Petflow has been a lifesaver for me. I live in rural Eastern Kentucky and there isn't anywhere to buy specialty or even name brand pet food. I have two Toy Fox Terriers and one Jack Russell.
My two year old TFT, Jake, has had problems with his stomach for the past eight months. He's had surgery in the fall of 2010 after trying medicines and other options. I was getting my family to pick up food for him when they went out of town to Lexington or was having my family from Louisville bring food for him when they came to visit. That is really asking a lot of a family member do your pet food shopping. Even with that, I wasn't always able to get the exact food I needed. Finally I found PETFLOW on the internet. I was a little leery at first, thinking maybe the food would be old or would be about to date out on the package. How WRONG I was. Every order I've received has a long date, the bags are always fresh and nice, but most of all, I can get the foods I need for all three of my dogs without any hassle at all. This week Jake went on a Royal Canine veterinarian prescription food. No hassle for me. My vet faxed the prescription to Petflow, I chatted with them about my order, they sent my order straight to the warehouse and it shipped out the next day. I am scheduled to receive it this afternoon. Thank you for all your help Petflow customer service.
-Cathy Sumpter 04/01/11
I received my order today. Ordered it Thursday, 03/24 and it shipped almost immediately. I received my order today, Monday, 03/28. That was fast, considering there was a weekend in between. I saved on shipping and the price for the Orijen Adult Food was great. Funny thing, my order was shipped to my work address, which is only two towns from one of your warehouses. I was wondering why I had to pay tax. Still cheaper and faster than anywhere else I've ever ordered pet food from. Thank you.
Jeannie G. and Blue 03/28/11-
Petflow has the most efficient, friendly and cost effective service for providing high quality, fresh pet food at a great price. With their surprisingly low cost of shipping the prices are a better deal than going to a pet store. The staff are amazing and eager to please. This winter made travel very difficult, but with Petflow's speedy deliveries, my dog Dixie never had to go a day without his top of the line dog food. He wags his tail & licks his chops everytime the delivery arrives. Thank you Petlfow! I wouldn't trust my dog's nutrition to anyone else.
-Niamh MacGuinness 02/22/11
I do have to say that your service saves me about $13.00/order over what I have to pay here in California ($28.50/case + 8.75% tax). My wife and I work for Westie Rescue of Orange County and Beyond (, so we are taking care of 4 little westie dogs, one is very high maintenance after 8 years of neglect. That is why I am always looking for the best deal on their food, which PetFlow provides me.Thank you,
James & Linda Rogers 02/21/11-
I wanted to say thanks for such a great service. I just received my first delivery. I was very impressed by its quickness and especially the fact that you don't fill the box with unnecessary Styrofoam peanuts or other annoying packing materials. Love the fact that I can tailor my delivery schedule so easily too. Great job!

-SH from MA 02/08/11
WOW! I am so shocked! We just figured out what we are saving using your services for Pet Food. My total savings is over $100 per visit! WOW!!! The nearest place to get the right type of pet food (we can not have corn or fillers in our food) is over 65 miles just one way! Plus they charge a LOT more for the food. We love it when the Fed-X person comes to the door. The packs knows treats are inside that box. I Love the many choices, delivery schedules and free shipping! I don't have to go driving 130 miles, spend my time shopping for something they may or may not have, instead I get to spend more time with my Pack =>) Plus I save 1600.00 a year! and the wear on the vehicle. I could go on... So Thank You so much for offering a Great products and a Great Prices.

Even with the big Blizzard this last week I still got my pet's food within three days! Fantastic!!!! The best part is I did not have to drive in any winter storms just for dog food!!!! The pet store was out last week. That was before I found your site. Not a problem anymore!!!
Linda 02/07/11-
Hauling 2 40lb bags of dog food and 8 cases of wet food was just not something I wanted to do any longer - having free delivery right to my door step is absolutely fantastic - having total control over my shipments, priceless!

Customer service that picks up the phone when you call? I was amazed!
No run around & straight answers. Superior customer service!
-Judi 02/04/11
I got my order today! That sure was fast! Thank you for the sample package of dry food!
WOW! Thank you so much for altering my program details for the free shipping! You guys are GREAT!
Mari E. Kolbe 02/03/11-
Congratulations! I have been very happy with your services and convenience as I am sure others are as well!
I have passed along this information to the dog rescue I volunteer with 'Best DAWG' and I include a raving review!

Wishing you much continued success!
-Glicer Nalvarte 02/02/11
I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed by the speedy service provided by I placed an order on Sunday afternoon, and I had my order by Tues. morning! And it was delivered in an ice storm! I will definitely recommend your website to all my doggy friends (and I literally have hundreds!) Thank you.
Kathy Brunner 02/02/11-
Wow - You sure ship quickly. I'm so impressed. I'll definitely be buying my dog food from you again. Thanks for the wonderful service.
-Barbara McWha 02/01/11
Just a note to tell you that you guys are awesome!!!!! I got my food in one day -- was shipped yesterday & on my porch today!!! I had gotten food from another delivery site & they were so slow & the shipping was outrageous!!! I have 6 dogs & am always at the store buying food -- when I get my time & amounts tweeked, it will be just great to always have food & not have to go out to the store all of the time!!! And your shipping rate is great!!!! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!
Betsy, for Missy, Bob, Holly, Emma, Jellybean & Carlson!!!!!! 01/24/11-
Love your website. My groomer, Karen Hayes (owner of Pawsible Solutions) referred me to you. So much easier to purchase food as the pet stores in my area are always out of the brand I use. Just wanted to let you know she highly recommends your site and now, I will too.
-Sherri Athanasia 01/24/11
LOVE YOUR SERVICE AND YOUR SITE. You all obviously love animals and what you do! I live in upstate NY and there was no place around that could get the Fromm Family food I get my babies! It's shipped and here in 2 days! LOVE that! I try and tell people about you. My parent's now order from you, too! Keep up the great work! =)
Dulcie Marshall 01/24/11-
Thank you very much. I was all set to cancel for all time and then I found this email. I did not think there was anything that would save me as a customer, but you have certainly done it. I understand technology problems. It's the quality of the people, like yourself, however, that will keep me ordering from Petflow.
-Kathleen Bachus 01/13/11
Awesome Service
I just placed an order for the first time yesterday with your company. I did a live chat with "Ken", after placing my order as I really needed expedited shipping but didn't see an option for that. Ken was great at explaining the process for filling and shipping orders and said he could not guarantee that it would ship same day but would send the order over to the warehouse. I see on the email I received this am that my order DID indeed ship yesterday! It will arrive here in Maryland today. I just wanted to congratulate you all on the awesome service! I will spread the word about your company.
Thanks Again,
Colleen DeFraites 01/03/11-
I just wanted to let you know how freaking AWESOME your service is!!! I had been having so much trouble with another site trying to have them get my order right and shipped on time and they could never pull it off. One order with your site and it's shipped the next day. I look forward to many more years of service with you.

Happy New Year and thanks for making my life so much easier!!!
-Kelly Krohl 12/30/10
I was so nervous about ordering my dog food on line. You have changed me forever. Everything went great.. I have three, yes three, 100 pound plus Rottweilers.I spent over three hours on your website researching dog foods, trying to find the best one for the price range I had in mind and looking for ingredients that were reportedly the ones for healthy dogs. The fact that I was able to see the ingredients on each one and compare between brands for the cost was AWESOME!!!The delivery is what had me worried. However, on the day I ran out of my store bought brand, your bags came to my door just as promised. I ordered a brand called Canidae and my dogs LOVE it. I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your site and your service!!!
Thank you from my family and Nanook, Tico, and Sassafras.
Jacki Hart 12/17/10-
We just received our PetFlow order.
How wonderful getting what I need delivered at my door.
I felt like a kid at Christmas opening the carton! Teddy could smell there were some great things in that carton for him! Right on the top was the very large and heavy "Sarge" bone. Perfect to keep Teddy busy more than a few minutes.
Teddy lifted that bone right out of the carton as if he expected it to be there for him.

I first opened "Taste of the Wild" Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison dry dog food. That is the best smelling dog food I have ever bought - It smells just like a charcoal grilled steak!
Teddy said it was wooferful food!

I selected the cat and dog foods by the ingredients for each pet's health needs. How easy it is to have all that information and huge selection of pet foods available on one site!
I will do my best to spread the word about "Pet Flow" to all my pet lover friends!
I have to agree with my dog, doing business with "PetFlow" is wooferful!

Thanks so much!
-Heather Ka 12/03/10
I just received my 3rd PetFlow order! (I was one of your first customers) I have always appreciated and enjoyed your service, because there are only a few chores more annoying then lugging 20 pound bags of dog food.
This time I truly realized how much I love you guys. My delivery came during a bitter cold night when it was hailing! I can't believe that your price is almost the exact same as the store, and you save me gas and most importantly my time! I was cuddling with my miniature schnauzer Alex watching CSI, instead of driving around in a hail storm, thanks PetFlow!!!!!
Deenah 11/24/10-
I just wanted to let everyone know how much we LOVE! The prices are good, the shipping FREE or just a flat rate, and you CANNOT BEAT the customer service! They get back to you quickly, and always have the answers you need!
I don't live nearby a store that carries quality pet food and treats, therefore, I don't KNOW what I would do without! I would recommend this company to ANYONE who would like to save on the hassle of getting their pet food at local pet stores, or those who'd like to save on the $3/gallon gas! AND, going through other online pet food stores will literally break you, with their shipping costs! Local chain pet stores don't even carry half the quality product that does.

You CANNOT GO WRONG, using! It is a blessing, and I'd HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!
-Deanne McKimmey 11/22/10
This is my 3 kids messing around right after a PetFlow delivery. The reason I signed up for PetFlow is the amazing selection at unbeatable prices. I was thinking about it though, if it wasn't for Petflow I would have been driving home from the pet store instead of taking this incredible picture! All I can do is to thank Petflow, who doesn't want more free time and one less thing to worry about.
Audrey Breheney 10/03/10-
I wanted to also tell you that the delivery was super quick and the prices were great!
-Meryl Schwartz 09/03/10
I place my order at 11 pm. on 7/6, was emailed on 7/7 that my order was shipped, and this morning on 7/8 FedEx was at my door with our package!!
I was so amazed at the speediness of this delivery! WOW! Thanks again! A very happy customer
Bridget T. 08/23/10-
FedEx just delivered our first package while I was on the roof of the porch installing new windows. It is official; Petflow is now our go to on-line retailer. All of your prices are great, some are unbelievable to the point that I had to double check! (Petcurean products specifically is what we noticed, though we went with the Before Grain this time.) The shipping was also much more reasonable than your competitors, about 20% less! We feed a rotating diet, so auto shipments usually don't appeal to us. However, I can assure you that I have spent literally hours upon hours pouring through your site and exploring all the products. I have told everyone about Petflow and can't wait to order again./ Thank you for all your hard work, it is paying off from our point of view. LOVE the coupons! I am preparing a blog article regarding Petflow, and will send the link when it has been posted.
-Terrance Nawrocki 07/04/10
I wanted to write you and say Wow, just wow. Thanks so much! Your website is easy to naivgate, easy to understand, and your prices are great. In fact, I almost didn't place an order with you because everything seemed to good to be true. I thought there must be a catch somewhere.Then I figured ok, I bet I don't get my order as fast as they say. Thank you!!!
Kim J. 06/23/10-