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Daily-Cat Cuisine Venison and Fish Real Meat Dry Cat Food

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Why feed a real-meat diet? In short, because your cat deserves food that not only tastes good but is good for them. And what is good for cats hasn't altered much over time. Despite the millennia that have passed since Felis Silvestris (the African wildcat) first because domesticated by Eqyptian grain farmers and the numerous subsequent changes to thier external appearance, internally cats have barely changed at all. With all the selective breeding, their biochemistry and basic instincts remain intact. Feral cats provide ample evidence of just how quickly and successfully domesticated cats can revert to a wild state. Beneath their cuddly fur, cats are hunters at heart. Cutely carnivorous. The gentle air-drying production process used for pouches delivers a high quality diet whilst maintaining the nutritional integrity of the natural raw materials.

Venison - Meat, Hoki Fish, Venison - Liver, Tripe, Heart & Kidney, Chickory Syrup, Green-lipped and Blue Mussel, Hoki Fish Oil, Lecithin, Kelp, Vitamins & Minerals, Naturally preserved with Mixed Tocopherals, Additives: Vit. D3, Vit. E, Copper.